Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay are the two most well known beaches on St. John. Trunk Bay, designated as one of the world’s most photogenic beaches by National Geographic, is visible from Hawksview Estate. There are dozens more of equally beautiful beaches to explore all over the island. You could spend a month and not visit the same beach twice. It is very rare to find any of the beaches crowded. Often you share the beauty with only a few others.

Just a two minute drive from Hawksview Estate is Hawksnest Beach. There is ample parking, and the shoreline is well marked with swim buoys which extend all the way to the beach at Caneel Bay and past Gibney Beach to the point at Peace Hill. The snorkeling is particularly good along the north wall past Gibney Beach. Seahorses, spotted eagle rays, turtles, peacock flounder, groupers, and parrot fish are just a few of the sea creatures seen there.

As you wind along North Shore Road you pass a number of beach stops. Jumbie Bay is small and secluded. Trunk Bay features an underwater snorkel trail. Cinnamon Bay Beach is the islands' longest beach, and the campground includes a small general store and restrooms/shower facilities. Windsurfing and catamaran rentals are also available at the Beach Hut.

Maho Bay is long and shallow, perfect for young children, Francis Bay has picnic tables and is a great spot for a long swim along the north wall. Leinster Bay is a beautiful bay accented by Water Lemon Cay. It is a hike to reach the beach, but one well worth it.

To the east are Brown Bay, Haulover Bay, Round Bay, Saltpond Bay, and deep in the National Park, Lameshur Bay and Little Lameshur Bay. Each has its own unique charm and is a delight to explore.

Trunk Bay